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About Us

Ensure Healthcare Solutions Puts your Needs Above All Else 

CEO Gregory Rounds and COO Andrew Tagli founded the company, based in Illinois, on the grounds of helping people find ideal insurance coverage. With a combined experience of twenty-five years in the healthcare industry, they have expanded the company's range to include forty states. 

Let Us Help You Obtain Healthcare Insurance 

Our approach to matching clients with a suitable healthcare insurance plan involves conducting a needs analysis. When conducting a needs analysis, we take into consideration all immediate, current and future expenses. This enables us to pair our clients with an appropriate insurance carrier in their given budget. 

One of the most common reasons people are unable to determine who they should go with is that they struggle with the complicated and complex terminology used in the insurance industry. We have come across clients who invested in healthcare insurance without fully understanding the financial requirements and needs of their beneficiaries. We aim to help people obtain insurance coverage using our expertise to make the entire process simpler and easier to understand. 

If You Want Insurance Coverage, Consult with Us Today 

As a company, we have a combined experience of twenty-two years in the health insurance sector and fourteen years of combined experience in sales leadership, coaching and training. We have the expertise and knowledge required to help you make the right decision. 

We are committed and dedicated to providing you with an insurance carrier you can rely on and one that saves you money. Over the years, we have continued to excel at making ideal client-insurance carrier pairings. Our clients can contact us to set-up a consultation free of charge. 

The importance of healthcare insurance, accident coverage and life insurance cannot be overstated. Therefore, we offer free consultations and perform free needs analysis to provide our clients with a list of insurance carriers that meet their budget. We are able to provide our clients with free services due to our understanding and agreement with insurance providers. 

Ensure Healthcare Solutions Understands Your Worries and Concerns and Offers to Connect You With an Insurance Carrier that Can Put You and Your Family at Ease. 

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