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Why Choose Us?

We Are a Company that Cares

Our customer-centric approach has played a central role in helping us provide excellent customer services to our clients. We always look forward to meeting new clients and reconnecting with old ones in need of healthcare insurance, accident coverage and/ or life insurance 

Most of our clients visit us confused and undecided about the type of insurance they should get. To clear their confusion, we ask questions and perform a needs analysis to gain a better understanding on their needs and requirements. We are never pressed for time and our clients are free to ask us as many questions as they want, until they fully understand their insurance coverage. Our clients can always trust to give professional and unbiased advice. At Ensure Healthcare Solutions, we are only thinking of you and your family. 

Our Combined Experience of 22 Years Has Mad Us One of the Leading Companies in Illinois

Although our main office is located in Illinois, we are licensed to proved solutions to clients in more than 40 states. Over the years, we have come across various clients with different problems preventing them from obtaining insurance coverage. We have successfully assisted clients overcome their hurdles and paired them with a suitable insurance carrier. You can always trust us to help you arrive at the right decision. 

We Have Established a Working Relationship with a Host of Insurance Carriers 

We have established and maintained a working relationship with several insurance carriers. This has allowed us to created a better match between our clients and insurance carriers. Due to our vast network, we are able to provide our members with more than one suitable option. 

Our experience in creating ideal matches allows us to save our clients money. Since we know their needs, we can help them find insurance carriers, offering discounts to a select group of people. If we fine them eligible for a discount, we will include those insurance carriers in our list of possible choices. We have become one of the leading sources for providing healthcare insurance coverage to individuals and families. 

We Welcome Your Questions

Insurance is not an easy subject to master and most people struggle trying to understand it. Whether our clients have a simple or complicated question on their mind, we welcome all types of questions because our main concern is making sure our clients understand the type of insurance coverage they need to get. We encourage you to ask us questions because we know you are not getting insurance just for yourself: you are getting it for your family. 

We offer free consultation and give our undivided attention to your needs and requirements. Please contact us to schedule a consultation. 

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