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Andrew J. Tagli

Chief Operating Office (COO) 

Andrew J. Tagli started his career as an IT Technician, working for Urban Financial. His aim soon was to become a Licensed Insurance Professional. In 2012 he started working at New York Life where his responsibilities included obtaining clients, determining an appropriate life policy for the individual or company, preparing customized reports, maintaining records and assisting policyholders make a claim.

He continued his career as a Licensed Insurance Professional for a few years, until he switched job roles to join GoHealth where he was promoted to Agent Performance Consultant. In four years, he increased the company's sales, trained other agents and received recognition for his efforts. When he became part of Ensure Healthcare Solutions, he brought with him seven years of experience in the insurance industry. 

As the Chief Operating officer (COO) of Ensure Healthcare Solutions, he oversees the execution of business plans, company objectives and undertakes initiatives to expand the company to serve more states. He has played a central role in ensuring the company excels at all levels. His experience as a Licensed Insurance Agent and Agent Performance Consultant has helped the company reach its expansion goal to include 40 states.


He directs his efforts at ensuring clients who visit Ensure Healthcare Solutions find a suitable insurance carrier. He has built a team of insurance agents who share his customer-centric approach to ensure complete satisfaction with their services. Graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in Business Administration, he has skills and experience needed to manage the day-to-day operations of business. 

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