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Gregory Rounds, the CEO of Ensure Healthcare Solutions, has fourteen years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has truly learned the ins an outs of  healthcare . After graduating from Northwestern University studying Business Leadership  , he joined Crown Casualty as a Sales Representative, achieving top agent honors. In his career, spanning over fourteen years, he has achieved several accolades.  Greg gained more knowledge in health insurance at nationally renowned Aflac. Greg also spent 5 years as Assistant Director of Admissions with Kaplan University sharpening his sales leadership skills.


Gregory  joined GoHealth in 2012 as an  agent and he immediately became  the companies top producer. Recognized for his sales ability he was promoted to Sr. Sales Manager of the companies top program. Later ascending to  the position of  Director of Agent Performance, he managed twenty agent performance consultants and sales leads, developed Sales Training Material for over 1000 sales agents, and grew the sales force from 30 agents in Chicago to over 1,000 in 2 states.

He put his vast knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry to good use and founded Ensure Healthcare Solutions with Andrew Tagli, the Chief Operating Officer. Gregory has utilized his years of knowledge to establish one of the leading healthcare insurance companies in the state of Illinois. He has worked with Andrew and Daniel to widen the company reach to include forty states, but his long-term goal for the company is to educate the public on health insurance. He and his partners are truly committed to satisfying the need of their clients, realizing that meeting the need of your client is the lifeline of a successful business. 



Gregory Rounds

Chief Executive Officer- CEO

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